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The Personal Shopping Experience

Shopping for makeup is a minefield. We have so many options that sometimes we just click off and go back to the old makeup we’ve had lying around for 10 years (it’s ok I’ve do it too!) 

But what if you want something new and you don’t know where to start? It’s disappointing when you buy something that seems amazing in the shop but not so much in real life.


Overwhelm is REAL so let me help. How about I told you that in just an hour I could work with you to find out what you actually need, send you a shopping list and you won’t even need to leave your house!

east London wedding makeup

For £75 you will get:

  • A one hour video call with me

  • Access to all my product knowledge (I shop makeup A LOT)

  • Help and tips to figure out what you ACTUALLY need so you don’t overspend on useless items

  • No affiliation with just one brand, I can recommend products I love and use in my kit

  • The ability to help you find multi use products that you’ll love and use again and again

  • A shopping list with clickable links for all the products I recommend

  • My access to exclusive discount codes across websites such as Look Fantastic, Boots, Feel Unique and many more

  • 10% off a makeup lesson where I can teach you how to use your new items

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