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Will my makeup last all day?

Wedding makeup needs to be ready for all kinds of horseplay! LOL sorry could help but hoof that one in! That said, there isn’t really a straight forward answer as to whether or not your makeup will last all day but let me try and explain…

Firstly we need to think about things such as skin type. Every skin type wears makeup very differently. Extremely dry skins can hold onto product and oily skins can break them down. Minefield isn’t it! But wait because there is more...

Next we need to think about environmental conditions. Rain, extreme heat, high humidity will all affect the wear of your makeup. Bloody unpredictable English weather means we have to be ready for everything!

The couple in the pic above got married in 34 degree heat!

So now we know all these things what can we do to get long-lasting makeup? Solid skin prep, long-wear products, setting powders and sprays can help you get more from your beat - and this is always my aim. My kit is FULL of amazing long wear products. If you're interested to know what these are let me know as that will need a whole other post!

So in short the answer is possibly. Some parts will still look as good as they did when we applied them and some will show the signs of wear depending on all the factors above. As your wedding makeup artist I will arm you with a mini kit of touch up products to keep everything looking fresh but also by the time you hit the dance floor your makeup staying on is usually the furthest thing from your mind!

Did you enjoy this post? Your feedback means everything to me so head over to instagram and lets chat all things wedding makeup!

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