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Why you are never my "before"

Hey welcome to flaming bride, can I lay it out on the line for you a second... I don't know if you came here looking for before and after photos but you're never gonna find them for me they're just a bit… out of touch. No shade to any of my other amazing artist friends who do use before and after shots but I’ll try my best to explain why this doesn’t work for me.

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My aim when I do your make up is not to change your face but to enhance the beauty that I already see before me. A before and after implies that the before shot is hideous or there is something wrong with it or something needed fixing. It’s much the same with weight loss before and afters which I also don't agree with if but that is a whole other conversation for another time.

natural wedding makeup London

I would never ask to take a photo of you without your make-up on because there are some people who would never feel comfortable leaving the house without make up much less being seen on social media by hundreds of people.

I LOVE showing you my clients with a final look because this could inspire your own look. I strive to bring you a diverse range of faces and maybe within there you see yourself reflected because I truly believe there isn't enough diversity in the faces we see on Instagram/Pinterest/Google. I like to show my make up on faces you can relate to.

natural wedding makeup London

You are all so beautiful, every person I’ve ever put makeup on has a feature I wish I had on my own face. You don’t always see it, I know but you’re a work of art and not a blank canvas because your face will always inspire the look. Always.

Forever obsessed with your face.

A x

natural wedding makeup London

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