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When do I wash my hair before my wedding?

Updated: Feb 29

I have to say this is probably my most asked question - with good reason! Over the years there have been a lot of myths about your hair needing to be dirty or unwashed to be styled into an updo that lasts all day. Now I wasn't working as a hairstylist in the 90s so I don't know if that was correct for the time when helmet hair was all the rage and everybody had 12 cans of hairspray per hairstyle but there is a huge difference difference between the hair then and the hair now.

Now we have beautiful light, wearable, touchable hairstyles that require hair to be clean. In fact it needs to be very clean so washing your hair the morning of your wedding or the evening before is your best bet to get the most from your wedding hairstyle. If you know your hair is particularly slippery very soft or silky you can skip the conditioner when you wash. I'll give you more information for your specific hair type at your trial but let's finally put the myth to bed that you need dirty hair in order to have hairstyling.

The only time this advice is really different is if you're having a blow dry then you can come to me with wet hair or if you're a devout curly girl and you know that your hair is our best on day two day three then that's what we go for.

It's really simple most of us love our hair the most when it's freshly washed or the day after when it's settled I'm going to say that that is accurate for most people, it's the same for your wedding hair you need that freshly washed touchable beautiful look to the hair and unless the hair is clean we can't achieve that.

A word of warning if you use oil on your hair you may (without even realising it) have a considerable amount of oil buildup if this is a problem I will let you know at your trial. Oil buildup in the hair makes it really hard to get your hair into a light style because the hair is way too down by the oil you've been using.

Please share this post with anyone who will be having their styled the morning of the wedding, knowledge is power my beauties.

Love aways, Alev 😘

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