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What EVEN is natural wedding hair and makeup?

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

When you get engaged you enter into the

weird and wonderful world of wedding planning. Alongside this comes traditions and things you absolutely “must” do *rolls eyes*

Most people who get engaged head to Pinterest and google and have a little search to maybe start gathering some ideas and making plans. I’m a makeup artist so I know exactly what comes up when you search for natural hair and makeup.

Here is the tea: a lot of these looks are not natural and a lot of them are the same. They are usally designed to suit one skintone.

Soft eyes, smokey eye, powdered heavy base but what if none of these images represent what you want to look like on your wedding day? There aren’t enough images of natural makeup on deep skintones, plus size women and women with textured skin.

Corona has meant I haven’t beeb able to work on of these beautiful women for over a year now snd it breaks my heart to see constantly see women so under represented by the wedding industry.

This is why my pledge to you is this, here on my blog you will find inspiration for women of all sizes, colours, skin textures and ages.

Your wedding hair and makeup needs to reflect YOU. It needs to make you happy.

When do you feel your best? In the morning after you cleanse? When you’ve freshly applied your makeup? Maybe you like your makeup best at the end of the day? It is my job to take these looks and apply them to your wedding makeup. I want you firstly to feel like yourself because you are so beautiful just as you are and secondly totally comfortable in your own skin.

These are the kinds of questions I will ask to get to know you. Everybody’s look and style is so different so why do we constantly see the same images over and over again. I’m not saying don’t use Pinterest for colour inspiration, its a great tool but don't let it alter who you are or what you truly want.

Is there a look you’d like to see for hair or makeup inspiration?

natural wedding hair and makeup
natural wedding hair and makeup by me :)

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