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The Wedding Hair Prep Post

Hey! If you’re someone who is getting their hair styled for a wedding then firstly lucky you and secondly, I have the perfect guide for you. Following the tips below will mean you get the most from your hair styling and your stylist will love you for giving them the perfect base to work on!

STEP ONE: stop using oil in your hair! I'm sorry if this one makes you hate me but there are not many hair types that benefit from hair oil.

Hair oil is a very miss used product. The common misconception is that oil will moisturise or even hydrate your hair this is not the case, oil sits on top of the hair shaft and prevents moisture and hydration from getting into the hair. Hair oil should be used as a finishing product. Once all your other hydrating and moisturising products have been applied you can apply a small amount of oil on top of your hair if you find your hair dries out quickly. I see oil build up a lot and honestly if you have this - it makes the hair almost impossible to style. I need to do a whole other blog post on this topic I think...

STEP TWO: you need to cleanse your hair twice - the first time is to remove products, pollution, dead skin and whatever else may be hiding in there 👀 and the second is to actually clean your hair. Unless you wash your hair every single day you are not exempt from this rule!

STEP THREE: thoroughly rinse your hair after each cleanse. Sounds simple but just trust me, when you see as much product left in the hair as I do, it's important to say.

STEP FOUR: condition where needed - don’t just rub conditioner all over your hair because that is the way you've always done it. After cleansing really take the time to feel your hair, your hair will tell you where it needs conditioning. Quite often we do things by habit without actually paying attention to what our hair really needs.

STEP FIVE: don't use too many products in your hair before drying. For the best results we need to work on clean, dry hair that isn’t overloaded with products that might be doing the opposite of the style we need to achieve.

STEP SIX: dry your hair! I don't really mind how do you dry your hair - if you feel more comfortable blow drying or air drying that is fine but when you come to my chair please make sure your hair is 100% dry unless we have discussed other arrangements.

Did you learn something? Or were you already doing all of these things… let me know!

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