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The final countdown

Why the last hour matters.

When I get you ready for your wedding I like to make sure (where possible) you have a full hour at the end of hair and make up.

As chilled as you are, in that last hour the mood changes, emotions runs high and there are a lot of last minute things that need to be done, navigating tricky outfits, shoes with tiny straps or lots of ties, getting those perfect shots and packing things ready for the day. At this point I like to make sure your hair and make up is done, touched up and set and I am packing my stuff to allow you to have these moments with your friends and family. Having some time to adjust to outfits and dresses is a luxury that should not be overlooked. This is not the same as your regular getting dressed and I know that sounds like a weird thing to say but you just have to trust me here. I’ve got around 150 people ready to get married so I speak from experience!

I’m a super organised person and I’m there to make sure my calm and organised style of working keeps things ticking over for however long I’m with you but that last hour is your own, hopefully a time to be calm, connect with your people and get ready to get married, in fact, that moment when you leave I’m already in my car gunning it down the motor way and trying to decide what service station to stop at! Actual real life footage of me below.

I love the connection I have with every single one of you all but once my service is done, I’m leaving you to enjoy that last hour in peace. Now you have this information, use it wisely.

Love you x

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Such a fab post. It’s always an overlooked period of time. Couples sure are lucky to book you x

Me gusta
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