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Sorting out your pre wedding skincare routine

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Hey beauties

One thing I get asked all the time is this “Alev WTF am I supposed to be doing with my skin???”

So I decided we should talk about the wonderful and overwhelming world of skincare - especially pre wedding skincare.

I feel like we’ve been conditioned to think that there are some magic foundation + primer formulas that will make us glow like flawless goddesses and solve all our life problems. Now while there are a lot of amazing foundations on the market there isn’t one that’s going to make you look flawless if you haven’t put the ground work in first. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Don’t give up on me yet because firstly flawless is totally fucking overrated and secondly a simple skincare regime is easy to achieve and won’t break the bank.

Here are some key points to remember when thinking about skincare:

  • Consistency is key

  • Good skincare does NOT have to be expensive

  • Your skin will always fluctuate according to your hormones so don’t be put off by bad spells

  • Throw your face wipes away and never buy them again, sorry not sorry

To start a good skincare routine you need three maybe four things (some of these you’ll already have in your stock I’m sure)

Cleaner - not too harsh, balms are awesome but a good face wash is also fab. When you buy your face wash, consider this - you wash it off! It stays on your skin for less than a minute. Why spend £40 to wash it down the drain? Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

Exfoliator (no scrubs please) check my Instagram post to see my fave.

Moisturiser - needs a whole post just to itself!

SPF (can combine with moisturiser) one that a lot of us miss but is so important.

There are so many acids, peptides, vitamins and other fancy bits we can add in but we can talk about those at your trial.

Let’s go back to consistency for a sec. To see results you have to (at least) cleanse and moisturise every morning and every night. Don’t leave daily grime on your face when you go to bed. It’ll be blocked pore heaven and unless you change your pillow case daily, the grime will be there to meet your skin on the next night and the night after that, gross.

If you need suggestions on what to use head on over to my instagram where I will be talking about my favourite skincare products and you can let me know what you love using too.

Always feel free to give me a shout with any questions or leave me any comments below I love hearing what you think about about my posts.

Until next time my sweethearts.

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