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Mastering Your Signature Makeup Look

I know it sounds a little bit weird to say knowing your own makeup look will help you get the most from your wedding makeup artist but it is totally true. Some of my client's favourite makeup looks have started when they've given me a brief like this:

"I very rarely wear foundation but I do use concealer under my eyes, I always use eyeliner and I love a neutral lip"

It's really as simple as knowing those few details to set us both up for sucess.

Bridal makeup has the tendency to be so cookie cutter, and while that works for some, it’s not what I do and certainly not what my clients are looking for so if you can give me a little bit of insight into what you like, then we're already halfway there.

The aim of your wedding day is to look like the best version of yourself, not a Pinterest board come to life. This is where your signature look comes in, rescuing you from the sea of sameness. Believe it or not, you probably already have a signature look; you just probably think you’re not good enough at makeup to call it that.

How does one go about learning this so-called signature look? Fear not, I'm here to help!

Self-Reflection Is Key

Start by taking a hard look in your everyday makeup bag. What do you reach for when you've hit snooze too many times and only have five minutes to look throw that makeup on? That mascara that makes your eyes pop? The lip colour that seems to work with literally everything? These are the clues. Gather them like breadcrumbs and follow the trail back to your face.

Amplification Over Transformation

Your wedding day isn't the time for drastic changes. Think of your signature look as your baseline. Now, let’s turn up the volume just a touch—enhance, don’t mask. Work with a makeup artist who respects the sanctity of your signature look and understands that today, of all days, you want to look like you—just on a really, really good day.

Consultation and Collaboration

When you meet with your makeup artist, communication is key. Show them pictures of how you usually wear your makeup. Describe what you love about your go-to style. An experienced artist will take this and run with it, your style should be the absolute focus.

Trial and Error

You trial is important. Use this opportunity to tweak and refine.. Too much blush? Say something. Eyeliner stealing the show? Tame it. A good artist encourages feedback and you should never feel forced to have something you don't want.

Confidence Is Your Best Foundation

Finally, wear your makeup with the confidence of someone who knows they look fabulous. This is your day, your face, your signature look. Own it. The right makeup artist will help you bring this vision to life so all you have to do is turn up and look fucking amazing.

It’s not just about makeup, it’s about making sure that when you say "I do," you're as unmistakably you as you can possibly be. I always tell my clients your wedding day is pretty much one of the only days you can get away with pretty much anything, so let's take that energy and run with it.

Love always,

A x

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