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Do I need more makeup on my wedding day?

Oh here we go indeed - this is one of the most debated topics in wedding makeup history! Anyway here's my hot take on this question.

Whether or not you need more makeup totally depends on the final look you want but I guess there is a simple answer here - if you want to see your makeup in photos then yes you will need a little more. If you’re used to wearing things like blusher and foundation then this might not even feel like “more” for you.

If however, when you think about your makeup in pictures you want to look fresh, natural and totally like yourself and you don’t wear much makeup day to day then no you don’t need more.

There is a third option... a delicate balance between these two looks I just mentioned and I would say it is by far my most popular look and one I work so hard to achieve for my clients, we call it YOU but on a really good day. For reference we’re thinking a really relaxing holiday, a great nights sleep and a really good wank/fuck.

Ok maybe it wasn’t such a simple answer. And if all else fails then do what feels right for you because no one knows your gorgeous face as well as you do. Here are three looks that I think capture my makeup style 👀

Phew. Right now we’ve dealt with that - how is everyone today?

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