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an ode to modern brides

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

I bang on about this enough for everyone to know:


I'm addicted, obsessed and absolutely in love with it. If you're not sure where to start - here are my ultimate natural wedding makeup looks for the modern bride

natural wedding makeup

The soft and natural bride. Are you someone who loves makeup but doesn't wear too much and feels uncomfortable with a lot of products on? If you answered yes then this is the kind of look you should be going for. Soft, diffused makeup will look beautiful on you whilst not overwhelming your natural beauty.

natural wedding makeup

Love eyeliner? Me too. Anyone can wear eyeliner but if you're going to go bold with it, I recommend keeping the rest of the makeup stripped back and bare, gives it a real cool girl edge. Also works brilliantly with glossy skin

natural Indian wedding makeup

Maybe you want to be glam but still keep it natural? This look is pulled together by the understated red lip. The eyes are bold but not too heavy and you can still see skin. It's a great look for the modern bride who wants it all.

natural wedding makeup. red lip bride

Did someone say Hollywood? Yes me, every time a bride wants a full blown red lip my heart skips a little beat. If you've never worn a red lip, this could feel a bit much for you but if you're a bold lip kinda woman then don't go pale. Embrace those lips.

natural wedding makeup

The ultimate no makeup makeup look. Skin is glossy, colours are natural and it's all brought to life by a good mascara and a brushed brow. ANYONE can wear this look, even if you've never worn makeup in your life. This won't feel too much for you.

So there you have favourite looks for modern brides. Which one will you be going for?

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