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A Most Curious Wedding Fair

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Hey beauties.

I wrote this post after exhibiting at The Most Curious Wedding Fair in 2020. I wanted to to drag it out of the archives and republish it because after two long years of waiting, WE'RE BACK! I love meeting like minded brides at wedding fairs, its one of my favourite things to do. Come hang out with me and lets discuss your wedding day look.

Once a year brick lane’s Truman Brewery turns into a wonderland of wonderful, talented, indie wedding suppliers. This year I went along for the first time as supplier and while the warm feeling lingers in my heart from a weekend of gorgeousness I wanted to tell you all about it. So here are my 5 reasons you should come along to most curious next year. Hope you enjoy it and let me know if you came and what your thoughts are.

It’s good to talk;

100% of my enquiries come through email. We all love this convenient, fast, effective way of communicating And why wouldn’t we it’s the perfect solution for reaching out to people without feeling like you’re stepping on their toes or maybe taking them away from their day-to-day tasks but that said getting out and actually having face-to-face conversations with suppliers is not overrated. The tone of the email can get lost sometimes, I know this so I spent a long time making sure the tone of my email comes across as though you were talking to me in real life. There is no alternative to a face-to-face conversation someone either instantly puts you at ease or do you realise they’re not the one for you. A bit like dating but without having to see each other naked.

You get to try things;

On my stand this year I decided to offer mini hair trials, just a little taster of the style that I could create on your wedding day and good chance for me to get my hands in your hair because what I love. I’m most comfortable when I’m styling hair. There are so many other things you get to try at the fair that you would have to take time out to do in real life - cakes, chocolate, touching the beautiful invites, trying hair accessories - the list is endless. The suppliers at most curious are chosen because they bring a fresh view to and industry that for a long time was bland AF and very much stuck in a time warp.

Sometimes images on a screen don’t do the art people are creating justice;

Art is Beautiful and powerful, seeing it on the screen can’t be the same as seeing it in person and often that are created by most curious suppliers is are you can touch, art you can wear and art you can share with ones you love most.

We are creatives and not sales people;

Okay listen up because this one is really important The suppliers at most curious work for months to bring you a exquisite stands to marvel at, to showcase our work and make it clear if we are the one for you or not. We are often creatives. We want you to enjoy our work and visit our stand but we don’t want to hard sell you anything because at most curious the suppliers know that the visitors are often just as creative as we are and certainly not looking for the hard sell. Instead we choose to inspire, be friendly and be honest and clear about what we do.

Diversity, inclusivity and respect is of upmost importance;

Brick Lane is a fascinating place, a place where diversity is celebrated, all cultures are embraced and people feel safe to express themselves however they like - have you been to the food market? It’s delightful. Most Curious works so hard to capture this diversity and show is a safe space for everyone - no exceptions. This in particular drew me to the fair, the constant work by Becky and her team to be fully inclusive is exactly how I run my business. We’re in a business built around two people wanting to share their lives with each and that is such a delicate and beautiful thing. Love is love, always and without exception.

Love you.


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