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Choosing the best hair and makeup artist for you!

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

So you thought choosing the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with would be hard? Hah! Well now you have to choose a wedding hair and makeup artist, congratulations! In all honesty with men tips below, it shouldn't be too hard. Right let's go!


I wish I didn't have to write this section at all but unfortunately I do. I make it very clear that my business is run in a way where racism, bigotry, transphobia, homophobia and any kind of hate are not welcome and never will be. As a queer person myself I understand the importance of making this message loud and clear. In the world we live in it takes no more than a few clicks to check that someones values align with yours. If you're an LGBTQIA+ couple or person, it goes without saying that this is really important for you.


Can you afford the service this artist is offering or are you willing to make room in your budget? Don’t expect a hair and makeup artist to fit the price you’re happy to pay. Let's not forget, waking up on your wedding day and having a fabulous human to turn up and work tirelessly until you and your friends and family are ready, is a luxury. There are many artists catering to many budgets so shop around until you find the right one for you.


Do you like the artists work? Look at their website and Instagram, does their work pull you in, is it how you see yourself looking? This is so important. I work with every single client to bring them a look that they absolutely love but do you see your style reflected in my work? If you’re looking for something with heavier contour, lots of lashes, super tanned skin that doesn’t match your neck (I'm crying) - then it’s very unlikely that I will be the right person for you. As artists we all have our different skills and that’s good, it really is a really beautiful thing. There will be someone perfect for you. See below for some Flaming Bride lushness.


Ok so this is when the equation wobbles - what if all the other things fit but you're just not sure about this person? Trust your gut and don't book anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable. Remember this person will be with you for a long time and they may also have to work with your friends and family, will they be a good fit? I make sure I spend time putting myself out there so you can get a feel for the kind of person I am. It just makes life that little bit easier for you and I'm nothing if not easy 😏

Phew ok you made it to the end, now tell me did this help you? And if you’re already married, how did you choose your hair and makeup artist?

And P.s if no one told you this already today - you're fucking awesome ♥️

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